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Usher in an oxpicious Lunar New Year with good health this 2021! Ox-citing prosperous deals await you!

✔️ Slimmest in Singapore

✔️ 7 Instant Temperatures

✔️ 1st Motorless Hot/Cold Dispenser

✔️ Immunity Booster

✔️ Tankless: Always Contamination-Free

    Jewel Series

    Slimmest Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Tankless Water Dispenser in Singapore. 1st Motorless Hot/Cold model that is ideal for homes!


    ✅ Brimming with antioxidants, 99% free of bacteria & contaminants
    ✅ 0 stagnant water, even in tubings – water is never reused
    ✅ Ultra slim design, fits effortlessly in limited spaces
    ✅ Suit diverse household needs, child-friendly
    ✅ Self-cleaning Function: Prolongs filter lifespan


    Pearl Series

    Slimmest 12.3cm Hot/Cold Tankless Water Dispenser in Singapore. With 5 Functions & 7 Instant Temperatures, this versatile model is everyone’s go-to option!


    ✅ Removes harmful bacteria and contaminants (rust, chlorine & sediment)
    ✅ Suit diverse household needs, child-friendly
    ✅ Eco-Friendly: 0 standby energy consumption
    ✅ Filter Change Indicator
    ✅ Self-changeable All-in-One Filter

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