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    Jewel Series: 13cm

    W 13cm x L 39cm x H 32cm

    1st Motorless ModelAnti-Contamination Tankless Design
    Save ⚡️ – 0 standby power consumption0 stagnant water, even in tubings


    5 Stage Filtration – with Alkaline Antioxidants!

    7 Instant Temperatures

    7, 9, 11, 45, 70, 90 ºC

    5 exclusive pastel colours

    Filter Change Indicator

    Filter-cleaning Function

    UV Sterilisation

    Pearl Series: 12.3cm

    W 12.3cm x L 39.3cm x H 34.3cm

    Slimmest in SingaporeFuss-free Filter Change
    Fits effortlessly in limited spacesSimply twist, unlock/lock to change!


    3 Stage Filtration

    7 Instant Temperatures

    7, 9, 11, 45, 70, 90 ºC

    2 elegant colours

    Filter Change Indicator

    Filter-cleaning Function

    Ivory Series

    W 30cm x L 36cm x H 52cm

    4-Stage Filtration
    Alkaline Antioxidants
    Nano Membrane
    Standing Option Available:
    W 30cm x L 36cm x H 111.5cm
    Water is thoroughly purified and brimming with antioxidants!Perfect for big households and pantries!


    4 Stage Filtration

    Instant Hot & Cold:  4°C & 95°C

    2 classic colours

    Standing Option available

    Undersink Filtration System

    5-Stage Filtration
    Premium Carbon
    Nano pH+
    Prime UF Membrane
    Active Carbon
    Easily accessible
    No harmful contaminants, just minerals and antioxidants!Drink straight from your faucet worry-free


    5 Stage Filtration

    Direct Filtered Water

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    The Smart Local
    Best Dispensers in Singapore

    Girlstyle Singapore

    Our Jewel Series block out chlorine and eliminate 99% of contaminants so the water you drink will always be of tip top quality, not to mention it will make your kitchen extra chio

    QanvastInterior Design Ideas
    Featured as a better way to keep your hydration goals on track

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    We are a homegrown Singaporean brand that has repeatedly proven our reliability and professionalism. We have our water dispensers and products installed in thousands of satisfied clients‘ homes. With us, healthy living can now be a fuss-free journey for you!

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