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Isn’t Singapore’s Tap Water Safe?

Yes, Singapore’s tap water is generally safe to drink.

On occasions however, one might encounter poor tasting water due to chlorination or discoloured water. Tap water contains odours, heavy metals and cleansing chemicals such as chlorine can remain present, causing unpleasant smells and tastes. The most common causes of discoloured water are old pipes and maintenance operations, including the flushing of service pipes or the routine cleaning of water tanks.

Another common cause could be corroded service water pipes and fittings. In addition, there may also be adverse health effects associated with the regular consumption of water containing these contaminants. A water filter will ensure that these do not affect your health.

What is Chlorine?

The chlorination is necessary to keep the water safe from pathogens (bacteria and viruses). However, when chlorine mixes with organic compounds, it may cause the water to taste bad.

Chlorine may also bring about adverse health effects when exposed to in the long-term. The good news is that chlorine is one of the easiest substances to remove from our water. At the time of consumption, it is best to have it completely removed by quality home water filtration.

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